'Bloody Hell' now in Australian Cinemas

Horror comedy 'Bloody Hell' starring SJM's Travis Jeffery, Jack Finsterer and Joey Vieira is now on at Event Cinemas in Australia.

'Bloody Hell' tells the tale of Rex Coen. Back in his hometown of Boise, Idaho after eight long years away he has the whole country buzzing. Why? He's infamous. Why? His prison sentence. Why? Bank incident. But seeing his own face on magazine covers, being greeted with hateful verbal abuse and hounded by hordes of paparazzi isn't exactly the warm welcome he was anticipating. So, in an effort to change his luck, he decides to flee the country in search of a better life. But what he finds ... is anything but.

FilmInk called it " ... that rare horror comedy that manages to be both scary and funny ... In terms of Aussie horror flicks it's punching far, far above its weight."

'Bloody Hell' now in Australian Cinemas

Welcome Back Theatre for 2020

SJM is thrilled to announce the return of theatre for 2020!

Don't miss the chance to see SJM's Di Adams in Griffin Theatre's production 'Wicked Sisters' - 6 Nov-12 Dec.

Alec Hobbes, famed genius, social Darwinist and artificial intelligence researcher is dead. But his computer algorithm lives on, still working away in his study, and his widow Meridee tiptoes around the machine much like she did around her husband for most of their marriage. Her friends Judith and Lydia turn up to shake their friend out of her isolation and self-neglect. What promises to be a weekend of laughter and wine turns comically savage when Hester arrives and truths about the past start to tear at the fabric of friendship.

Meanwhile, SJM's Alex Stylianou appears in Belvoir Theatre's production 'Cursed' - 24 Oct-29 Nov.

Bernadette hasn't been home to Geraldton for a while. Her siblings are made as cut snakes, the oldies are worse - even a simple conversation ends up a cyclone of screaming. But Nan's leaving the world, and this mixed-up family returns to the roost; a brother living a big lie, a daughter swimming in little lies, and a mum who can't tell the truth to save herself. Are they cursed? Or can they change the way they see themselves, and how the world sees them?

Welcome Back Theatre for 2020

SJM Actors in Summer Bay's 'Home and Away'

Don't forget to tune in for your regular dose of 'Home and Away' to find out what SJM's Emily Weir, Patrick O'Connor and Tim Franklin are up to in Summer Bay.

Episodes screen every Mon - Thurs at 7pm on Channel 7, or catch up now on 7Plus.

SJM Actors in Summer Bay's 'Home and Away'

Catherine Van-Davies on her role in the new SBS mini-series Hungry Ghosts

SJM's Catherine Van-Davies has been picking up a lot of press around her role in SBS series 'Hungry Ghosts'. She talks to Canberra Times below.

"She's a character who doesn't know she's the hero of the story," she says.

"It's imposed on her and we meet her when she's lost everything. She's lost her business, she's lost her partner who is also her business partner - the things that she identifies herself with.

"On a deep cultural level she doesn't know where to identify and feels like she's between two worlds. It's through her vulnerability that she has no choice but to take on these bigger identity questions."

Read the full article HERE.

Catherine Van-Davies on her role in the new SBS mini-series Hungry Ghosts

Adam Demos to star in Netflix's 'Sex/Life'

SJM's Adam Demos has been announced to star in new Netflix series 'Sex/Life', based on the BB Easton book '44Chapters About 4 Men'.

Demos will play Brad Simon, the heartbreak Billie never got over that rises from her past and turns her marriage and suburban life upside down.

Read about it on Deadline HERE.

Adam Demos to star in Netflix's 'Sex/Life'

Voice Spotlight

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